ICE 2024

ICE 2024

ELAS at ICE 2024

ELAS Kiosk, a seasoned industry supplier, returned to ICE London for the sixth time, showcasing its stability and reliability. With a track record spanning over three decades, ELAS presented its latest innovations at ICE 2024, including the "Casino Wide" family line casino cabinet. This article explores the outcomes of ELAS's participation, highlighting positive feedback on new products and successful partnerships formed during the event.

The positive feedback on our new products showed that customers recognize our commitment to great service and innovation.
Moreover, our engagement at ICE facilitated valuable updates and collaborations with existing partners while establishing fruitful alliances with several new stakeholders.
ELAS Kiosk emerges from ICE 2024 with heightened momentum and a strengthened position within the industry, poised for continued growth and success.

At our booth, visitors had the chance to view our premium cabinet designs spanning the past five years, showcasing our evolution and expertise in the field.
Additionally, they were introduced to our latest innovation, the "Casino Wide" family line casino cabinet, which garnered significant interest and led to our first successful deals. This modular cabinet exemplifies our dedication to meeting industry demands with cutting-edge solutions.

Bojan Knežević, ELAS's Director concluded, "Participating in ICE consistently provides ELAS with invaluable insights into emerging industry demands. It serves as a pivotal platform for aligning our development team's efforts with the latest industry requirements, ultimately refining our kiosk development processes to perfection."
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